Clouds and dirt

Referring to Gary Vaynerchuk 's clouds and dirt today. Right now, at this precise moment, my clouds are the thinking and building of my next photo series in Meudon. The theme and the message. And my durt is : man, how can I see vertical videos on VLC... I think this illustrates the concept quite well :-).

Instagram and series

I love Instagram. It's sober and a great way to see and discover images. I love to display my images on Instagram also, so much I created 3 accounts  : @laurencebichon for my  # freescape work, laurencebichon_sport for sports and image research around it, and @goodmorningmeudon for images related to my hometown.

However Instagram is at first glance image based. Indeed the main way to see images is through your feed, so you see one image of Ms W and then one of M. R.

The thing is I mostly work with series. My images are part of a whole. So this image approach of Instagram makes me think a lot these days...

Refueling is necessary

I've been shooting a lot recently. Been totally absorbed in my subjects, focused, immersed. Now is the time for refuel   : see films, read technical papers, read the news. Get in touch with the world  !

Motivation vs Rest

Sometimes I am in the no man's land between go and stay. Enough motivation to act and do stuff but still needing to rest on the couch... Differ the decision and roll the dice ? I prefer to look deeper into this need of rest and see if it could not be some hiding resistance... If yes, then off you go !

Starting a feed about thoughts

I want to share my thoughts about my journey as a photographer. Just as simple as that. Raw thoughts, at least as raw as possible. I want to learn to get read of unnecessary filters. For instance, "this is not worth any line in your blog", "this will blur your message". Thoughts that are not necessarily linked to the making of pictures, but may describe a state of mind, a struggling, a feeling.

And for this feed, I chose to write only in English, not French. Because I feel it liberating. Guess my super ego speaks mainly French :-).