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Escalade avec le Fuji x-t2 et la Lensbaby edge 80

version anglaise – traduction prochaine

Back to the forest : Fontainebleau, a few 50 km away from Paris. A very quiet and rainy weekend. Every one is busy at home, resting from vacation or preparing schoolbags for the kids. Perfect day to get acquainted with our parisian wilderness again !

As climbing session means photo session for me, I prepare a light bag with my gear. I want to experiment. Try to reflect this dreamy season that begins, the blues I feel when the sun is not as warm as it used to be just a few weeks earlier, grey clouds, the rain waiting just around the corner…

So I take just one lens, for a combination I never tested since I started to use Fuji : I will mount a Lensbaby Edge 80 on a Fuji x-t2. Things are not as neat and sharp as they were during summer… Let’s play with unsharpness !

My setup is as simple as possible : exposition is in full manual. Mostly f5.6, 1/250s ISO 400. The light is mostly constant except for the 10 mn visit of a very bright sun for tea time… I also focus manually through the viewfinder with the help of the white focus peaking. When I tilt the lens at a maximum angle, sometimes I also use the magnification because the depth of field becomes tiny.

I dived deep into photography during this afternoon. Focusing on what caught my eyes, why I wanted to make an image, where I wanted sharpness, and where I prefered unsharpness.

And so ? do it again ASAP !

Next time, I will take a tripod for nature images. I missed the possibility to frame and then work with the tilt of the lens from this basis on.

That’s all for today !

Stay tuned !!

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