Lo-Lanta : how to travel lighter…

Koh-Lanta 2018 is over…

Lo-Lanta is up and streaming on lo-tv !

I’m joking now, but back then in the mountains, I suffered because of the 15 kg of my backpack. Climbs were hard, and shooting at flower level was a choice between letting the backpack down or my own back…

Here is how I set it up : I started in the afternoon and climbed to spend a night alone with my tent in the Vercors’ Hauts-Plateaux. I planned as simple as possible for food : 2 biscuit packs, and water : 2 liters (Vercors is known for versatile water resources, and the source I was thinking of was already dry at the beginning of july). As for my photo equipment, : a Fuji X100 and a Fuji X-t2 with the 55-200, a tripod, trigger release, some filters. I then get back to the valley in the morning.

I thought it would be light enough, I had thought in advance carefully to the content of my bag. But that’s exactly the point : I had thought about it, but not tested it. And I discovered on the field it was far too heavy. Back to work, I’ve got to spare 3 kg…

I think about it and keep you updated !

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Stay tuned

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By Laurence Bichon

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