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I never played basketball, but I got to know the game thanks to my son who’s been playing basketball since he was 5, with the baby team. Boys and girls were playing together until U11 (under age 11), but then I noticed that woman and men team began to exist separately in U13.  Sometimes, girls have to go to another town to go on playing. Moreover,  there was at least one girl team in clubs for 2 or 3 boy teams. How unfair ! I can’t change this on my own. And lot’s of people are trying too, which is a nice feeling. But I thought I could bring my own stone with  the #AllezLesFilles project, and show woman in sports with photography. How fun and great it is to play sport in a team when you’re a girl.

In my images, I want to show the sport itself, and also the importance of being in a team, the support of the public, the power of emotions on the field.

My first aim with this project is to build an exhibition and show several sports : basketball, handball, ice hockey, rugby and boxing.

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