The genesis of #freescape

I remember it to be end of 2016… I was day dreaming of vast and foreign landscapes, not taking my camera out with me anymore when going out in my neighborhood. Only snow or white freeze could get me back to take pictures of these well too known landscapes and cityscapes again !

I don’t know what triggered the change. I knew that the big landscapes of my dreams were far away, and kind of out of my reach most of the time. That helped.

So back in 2016 : I needed a change of some sort. I placed myself in the worst conditions, where I had to work hard to see again. I took the train called RER C, between Meudon and Javel in Paris, all in all 3 km.  At first, I only wanted an exercice, and see the city again. Then I played and got into the game. I made several trips only for one image. I was hunting images again. That was such a great feeling !

With this change, #freescape was born ! Yes, this word is a way to speak about landscape, cityscape, macro, urban details only with one word. But it’s more than that. It’s a state of mind : a way, a try to see my every day spots with new eyes, with kids eyes if possible, with an eye in reality and an eye in a dream…

Here is my first #freescape photo serie,  Meudon – Issy – Paris :

See you soon

Stay tuned !

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By Laurence Bichon

I am a pro photographer in Meudon, near Paris, France. I enjoy photography, art, teaching and spleeping in the wild. I don't try anymore to hide that I'm a geek (I've worked as an software engineer for 20 years). My blog is about my photography journey.

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