Tango 76 – Flammes-Carolo 77

This is the place of the Tango. One of the french basket temple ! One step in the hall, and you are immediately in the Tango’s mood : orange. No need to concentrate, you dive in it. The public is here, mainly from Bourges, a lot of people, smiling, laughing, ready to talk, orange, happy.

The game is played till the end, unwritten issue, unexpected end for the public : Flammes wins 77 to 76. I show you the images first, then you’ll find a link to a technical analysis of the game.

Enjoy your game ! #AllezLesFilles !

You can dive into the match further on by reading the article from Philippe Baudet in here.

You may also stay with basket pics and live again the first game of the evening between Bourges Espoir and Trégueux… here.

I would like to thank the Tango for they welcome, in particular Philippe Baudet from the group Centre France,  Gaël Brault, the Tango’s community manager, and Olivier Lafargue, principal coach.

Thank you for your visit !

Stay tuned !

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By Laurence Bichon

I am a pro photographer in Meudon, near Paris, France. I enjoy photography, art, teaching and spleeping in the wild. I don't try anymore to hide that I'm a geek (I've worked as an software engineer for 20 years). My blog is about my photography journey.