Who am I ?


Welcome on my site ! My name is Laurence Bichon, I am a nomad photographer. Thank you for your visit !

When I was a kid, I wanted to do things right. This meant being good at school, get a good job, build a nest and raise a family. So I worked at it. I loved school, so became an engineer and worked for 20 years for big software companies. I built a nest not far away from Paris, in France, and built my family.

At 40, I had some health problems, which gave me some time to pause and think. Like we all do. I was OK, but more in the “I should” mode that on the “I want to” mode… I realized software development was OK, I was entertained at work, days were running by one after another, but I was not fulfilled. I saw by chance the work of a french photographer, Sarah Moon, and was amazed. Had a split second thought : what if … ?

This was 10 years ago. I made a soft but full and dedicated U-turn from software engineering to photography, trained, educated myself, created my company, started to work as an independent photographer, and rarely give a look backward…

As a photographer, I answer to customers’ requests and also work on my own photo series. For this second aspect of my work, I started to organize myself and give me space and time to get in the zone, which mean in the photographer’s jargon, get in the mood where you’re totally immersed into the act of seeing the world and photographing. I realized, I need to see and live the world as a nomad in order to get into this creative mood. It took me some time to recognize the nomad in me, then some more time to acknowledge it.

Being a nomad is being in movement in my own habits, it means rediscover the ordinary, travel in my neighborhood or not so far away !

I am a photographer in Meudon (92), near Paris

contact@laurencebichon.com – tel: (France ) 07 81 38 33 20

N° SIRET 805 093 549 00014

Code APE 7420Z