2 apps pour prévoir sa photo de paysage en France

Hi ! You plan a photo trip in France ? That’s a great idea, I look forward to see your pictures !

In this post, I would like to share with you the apps I use when I look for info about the weather and the location here in France.

I will take an example. Today is thursday June 22nd, 2017. Let’s say I plan a trip for tomorrow on June 23rd in Landéda in Bretagne, Finistère (dept 29). No ad there, but this is a cute little town on the coast !

Here are the 2 questions I would like to answer :

  1. what is the weather forecast in Landéda for tomorrow ?
  2. where can I find a topographic map with contour lines ?

Let’s start right now with the first question…

What is the weather forecast in Landéda for tomorrow ?

Météo France is the french organization for weather forecast. They provide a website : and also apps for smartphones. Personaly, even on my smartphone, I use the web app, because for me it provides more info.

Here is the landing page of the website :

app meteo france : landing page

So here are the weather forecast for tomorrow friday June 23rd, 2017 in Landéda. Sunny and cloudy in the morning. I wish I could give it a try at sunrise !

Let’s jump on to the next question : what about the landscape ? Are the any cliffs or is the seascape more like a flat shore ?

Where can I find a topographic map with contour lines ?

When location scouting, looking for topographic info, like contour lines and have an idea about hills, holes… , I like to visit the IGN site. IGN stands for Institut Géographique National.

You may for instance use their online services which are free on :

Now I’ve got a more precise view about the weather forecast and the location…

These are 2 french apps I use with my freescape photography. I hope this will help you enjoy your photographic journey in France too !

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Par Laurence Bichon

I am a pro photographer in Meudon, near Paris, France. I enjoy photography, art, teaching and spleeping in the wild. I don't try anymore to hide that I'm a geek (I've worked as an software engineer for 20 years). My blog is about my photography journey.

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