Basket nm2 : Vanves 54 – Rennes 63

This is #sport : energetic basketball in black and white

January 2018 : first match after Christmas. Vanves meets Rennes. Supporters of both teams are in the hall tonight, event if they are rather discreet. I smile looking at a mini supporter blowing a match whistle bigger than himself ! So the match begins, and Rennes scores quickly ahead. The point difference becomes greater until the break, and gets then continously smaller. But still, Vanves cannot come back and Rennes wins with a point difference of 9. Final score is 63 to 54 for Rennes !

If you wish some contacts or information on both teams, you can click here : Stade de Vanves and l’Union Rennes Basket.

The angel’s jump – why I love this image

basketball en noir et blanc - black and white basketball - nm2 vanves vs rennes - laurence bichon #sport, photographe freestyle

I chose this image, which I called “the angel’s jump”. For me, it pictures a grace moment when our daily chaos turns unexpectedly into order and balance. Every body in the scene waits for something one can’t see, even if we easily guess what it is. Everyone is in place, waits, is ready for action. Time stopped. The balance feels real, and still, several players are in the air. One can find balance in unexpected places… And then there is the angel attitude of the central player, who gives this sacred flavor to the image. A moment of grace !

Live the match again through images


If you want a detailed analysis of the game, I suggest you visit the Stade de Vanves’ blog here : !

I thank both teams and the public for this #sport event ! See you soon…

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