Rugby : Plessis Meudon 5 – Saint Ouen 67

Rugby Plessis Meudon meets Saint Ouen

It’s sunday, and the sun is here, which is noticable these days ! The Plessis-Meudon rugby team meet the Red Stars from Saint Ouen. First rugby match for me. I did not understand a lot of the game but enjoyed shooting it a lot ! I can say Saint Ouen won 67 to 5…

Here are the websites of the 2 teams : rugby Plessis Meudon and Saint Ouen.

Rugby, what are the rules ?

I do not know rugby. In order to be able to understand, foresee, know where to stand I looked for a didactic way to learn the game’s rules.  Here is a small french video from a docu serie “C’est pas sorcier” I found interesting and detailed :

Pics of the match : EPRM vs Red Star

A big thank you to both teams for their fair play and to Plessis Meudon for their welcome on the field !

#techcorner about the shooting :I took these pictures with a fuji x-t2 and the lens 55-200. The sun was very low and I shot the entire first half game against it. I has the sun in the back during the second part of the game. With the help of the lens hood and Lightroom dehaze, I am comfortable with the work of the camera + lens when shooting in the sun. Moreover, the autofocus rarely missed ! I will keep on with this combo for the next match.


See you !

Stay tuned !

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