Infrared pictures with ricoh GRII

Ricoh GR II is a small camera one can carry around very easily. It’s lightweight and very compact !

I like to travel light, and to be able to setup quickly and easily. So fo a while, I wanted to try infrared photography with my ricoh GR. Could I wander around only with a tripod, my camera and filters ?

I took the pictures during a very sunny day, in Paris in may, in the middle of the afternoon. About the set-up, the ND filter of the ricoh was on. I screwed the Hoya R72 infrared filter in front of the camera. I stopped down to f16 at ISO 100 during an exposure of 60s.

In the images, I could see some tiny little white pixels. Nothing noticable unless pixel peeping. The great discovery was no bright hot spot !

I developped the DNGs slightly in Lightroom, then in Photoshop with Google Nik Collection Silver Efex Pro.

Here are the images :

I hope this opens for you as much possibilities as it did for me, as for now, I’m going to travel light…

Thats’ all for today.

See you !